About Bodies Pilates

I can't stress it enough that our goals have to be manageable, sustainable and realistic in order stay consistent. Consistency creates the best results.


Irina Aghajanyan


About Irina

I’m Irina, the head instructor at Bodies Pilates. At 16, I came to the US from Armenia to attend university. After graduation, I wanted a career in fashion, but after chronic back pain and significant fusion surgeries, my plans changed.

I discovered Pilates as a method of coping with my own physical pain after surgery. I found that I was able to connect to my body more clearly and understand how the correct movement helped me recover. The technical elements of the body’s mechanics and proper postural alignment are something to master, and I began to chase excellence.

I learned how the body could heal itself when we treat it with love and respect. Pilates is one way I can tune into what my body needs. I love helping others find this connection themselves, even after they have tried exercising in the past - even corrective exercising - and they’ve found it hasn’t helped them.

By taking the time to get to know my clients and building relationships over the long term, which are based on honest communication and profound and sincere care for their well-being, I’m able to help them achieve the results they want. Once we find the right way to be consistent, they can affect real, sustainable change - even from chronic pain.


"Helping you have fun staying fit and healthy, with full body workouts that can easily fit into a busy lifestyle. Pilates is the kind of exercise that you look forward to doing!"

About Bodies Pilates

At Bodies Pilates, we help individuals who are tired of speaking unkindly to themselves and realize that this is not the way to heal the body or to live a positive life. By connecting with and expressing love and respect for your body, you are better able to give it what it needs to live pain-free.

We use a variety of methods to help people because we understand that when you have lived with chronic pain or are just anxious about starting a new fitness program, it’s essential to remove as many barriers as possible. One to one, groups of friends or colleagues, face to face or online - whatever is the right way for you, Body Pilates will help you find it.

In the last 7 years, I’ve worked as a Pilates instructor and have helped hundreds of women to work through chronic pain conditions and weaknesses in their core that left them vulnerable to injuries. They’ve done too much too soon and sometimes push themselves too hard without the proper guidance and support, risking setting themselves back or becoming discouraged.
At Bodies Pilates, we’re working with manageable, sustainable, realistic targets that are completely and thoroughly as unique as your own body. Falling in love with movement is easy when you have the right plan and supportive coaches. Motivation feels as effortless as breathing, and confidence will compound as you start to take those steps to believe in yourself. The first step is just to reach out and have a consultation to figure out which path is right for you.